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eLoanCanada is a source for all types of loans available to Canadian residents and Canadian businesses. It is designed according to the desire of a online loan seeker, Our Loans directory includes all the provinces and cities of Canada and Our education center covers all the necessary information on the major types of loans like Mortgages, Payday Loans, Personal Loans, Credit Cards, Auto Loans, Small Business Loans, Student Loans, Home Loans, Bad Credit Loans, Loan Consolidation, Canadian Banks and Canadian Credit Reports. We add new loan lenders and loan articles daily, so make sure you bookmark our site.
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Proudly Canadian
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Apply Your Loan Online Now! Loans Available to Canadian Residents & Businessmen!
Apply Your Loan Online Now! Loans Available to Canadian Residents & Businessmen!
Canada - Unity and Pride, A Wonderful Land to call Home!
Why We Feel Proud:
We love and care our family, friends, neighbors and countrymen without any discrimination, and it is the system which lead us to the perfect balance of humanity and we are proud of our nation and I am proudly Canadian.
Internet has shrunken a world into a true global village, it is so powerful in reaching the people with fresh content that could not possibly done with any media available and even person to person interaction among other peoples in the world is the limit, and this all have shown us that with different cultures, environment and religion, we have much common things among us too and these are love, care and respect and if we get an opportunity to learn things from assortment through this powerful social medium, but on the other hand we really feel bad to know how people from the third world are facing problems and how they have been strugling even for their basic needs.
Our Hearts and Souls:
We have seen the horror that can fester in hatred, and we vow not to succumb. We are known as a people who open our hearts to those in need, and without asking anything in return. We have compassion upon those in the world who find themselves in desperate circumstances or who struggle, are hungry and without hope.  We have seen amongst us those who have faced incredible adversity and yet persevered and overcame. Canada is for anyone who has the heart and spirit to see beyond circumstances, who refuses to be caught up in the petty arguments that lead to division and hard feelings. Its' no wonder Canada was rated by the United Nations, seven times in a row, as the best nation in the world in which to live! No matter who you are, where you're from, your gender or ancestral background, immigration Canada offers opportunity and a chance to make a difference.
Symbols of Canada:
Kids are the most beautiful thing of the nature and every child in a family got some additional names, which represents and the combination of the overall nature of the kid and our love for him or her but some got more because of their nature and center of attraction, these represents a true symbols of love and affection.

There are lot of symbols that represents Canada too, these are the combination of how much we love and the nature of this true north nation of the world. A red (red and white are proclaimed Canada's official national colours) maple leaf on the flag is derived from the native tree to Canada which is available across the country, a symbolic leaf it self denotes that how much we love and care our ancestors, and how much is important a single person as a unit for us. The Catholic church symbolizes Canada because people have freedom in Canada and can practice the religion they choose. We can't forget a Beavor and it also represents Canada, and this almost extinct animal is symbolized, beavors' fur became the first cloth which was not only beautiful but warm enough to saved the people who came into Canada in its earlier time from the suddon change in environment and cold canada weather. Anything pertaining to hockey, Canada's official winter sport, is also often used as a national symbol of unity and pride, lacrosse is the official national sport. The Canadian Football League with three downs and a 110 yard field has also been seen as part of a heritage worth preserving. There are lot of more symbols which represents this dual linguistic heritage, the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway), Royal Canadian Mounted Police (mountie), snow, polar bear, grizzly bear, bluenose, moose, caribou, common loon, coat of arms and Canada goose, etc., and every symbol is a courtesy of true human values.
Bottom Line:
Opportunity cost and labor as an asset are really very difficult to adjust in cash value but these things are fact behind our financial statements and we should not forget that every success is not a luck or outcome of a hard work but there is a system, that don't even give you the security but a platform which is sincere, understanding and efficient enough for the productive output and its the government of Canada, who cares above all, and we are proud of our government, and its an asset which we can't show in the books of our accounts but our profitability and success is always be a part of it.
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