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How and Where to Shop For a Mortgage

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Apply Your Loan Online Now! Loans Available to Canadian Residents & Businessmen!
Apply Your Loan Online Now! Loans Available to Canadian Residents & Businessmen!
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Mortgage As The Most Important Debt That May Be Taken Once In A Lifetime!
Before You Apply for a Mortgage Loan
Shop Around For A Home Mortgages
Getting into mortgage loan is really simple, easy and risk free in relation to the North American home mortgage market, because the term "subprime" isn't well known in Canada and most of our mortgage lending is "prime" or "conventional", that makes the mortgage loan stable, low risk of default and easy to understand by any individual without much knowledge of the mortgage industry. For more information, please contact your provincial government about the consumer protection measures that apply to provincially regulated financial institutions.
Shopping for a mortgage is in fact, once in a lifetime debt, a time consuming effort and understanding your need while staying in your budget, that may carry an appreciation in the future that is coming ahead because mortgage is an investment for future and your today's decision should be very important because it could save you thousands of dollars through the mortgage lifespan. Mortgage process starts in two phases:
  • in first phase you search for a home of your choice and dream that may be directly by yourself or indirectly through a real estate agent, this is strongly recommended that you always consult and hire a real estate company, if you are not familiar with the place where you are planning to purchase a house, because your real estate agent for that particular area have a better idea about the place for today and as well as for the future development it holds. Once you have found the home of your choice your first phase of shopping a house is over.
  • Now, it starts your second phase in which you search a mortgage with the most beneficial conditions, which will save you money. You might start by looking for a mortgage at the bank where you already have your checking or savings account. But don’t limit yourself, there is a wide variety of institutions make home mortgage loans offering features, available online and offline both.
Steps To Follow A Mortgage Application Process
Step 1 - Get Your Credit Report Before You Apply
Your credit score is your own self made digital recommendation that does not match any ones favor, even having a good reputation with some specific lender will stop you from taking further loan of any kind with the same credit institute. So, your credit report is what you always have updated and corrected from any defaults, mistakes, or missing or outdated information, and readily available with you, before you start shopping for a mortgage.
Contact the credit reporting agencies to see your FICO score, this report is available from the major credit reporting agency's web sites even online like, EquiFax.com, Experian.com or TransUnion.com and will be used by your lender to review your mortgage application, that determine how much negotiating power you have with lenders. The closer the score is to 700 and above, the better the terms and rates you'll get.
Step 2 - Choose A Mortgage Company
Now you have a better opportunity to find out a best mortgage company, because today, you are not limited to go and find out while travelling around the whole city or town, or read the hard stuff like newspapers, magzines, your bank's brochures, etc., but internet have created its all online, and now you can find out your favorite company or a best mortage deal with all the information that any one may not get with just one personal meeting, without waisting of time and effort right on your desktop anytime. You may select a mortgage lender or a broker for your mortgage need, how these are different with each other and which one best suits you in your situation. These are explained bellow:
  • Mortgage Lenders - There are several types of mortgage lenders are available in the market, such as banks, mortgage companies, trust, loan, and insurance companies, credit unions and caisses populaires, with different prices and conditions for similar products. So, you don't feel to confuse to these various offerings, but try to study and make conversation with several lenders with an intention to get the best product for your needs.
  • Mortgage Brokers - The other way to obtain a mortgage loan is through a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers don't lend you money by their selves but they arrange a mortgage lending through mortgage lenders they represents. The great advantage which you can get working through these brokers is the overall knowledge and information working with various companies and as well as future trends without sporting an individual company, a wider range of loan products and terms to choose from a single source that helps the product competitive and your decision  easy. However, since mortgage brokers do not all have access to the same financial institutions, they may not be able to offer you the same kind of the better product. Consequently, you should consider contacting more than one broker, just as you should with banks and other financial institutions.
Step 3 - Choose A Mortgage Term
Time plays a vital role in selecting a mortgage duration, some times time management becomes an efficient tool and an economical option to save thousands of dollars but some times it offers you opportunity with a limitation.
  • Calculate how much you can afford to pay every month while choosing your loan terms from 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 years. Obviously, choosing a 10-year mortgage will save you tens of thousands of dollars in interest in the long run, while lets you buy the house in half the time, but the monthly payment is higher and this increase in monthly cost may make it unaffordable. The maximum mortgage term as a 40-year fixed mortgage may be the most popular because of the lower monthly payment. As well as, adjustable interest-only loans are also available for certain terms with lower monthly payments.
  • How much time do you think is feasible for you to be in the debt? Most of the people think that their retirement age should be without any debt liabilities. As a nature of a long term loan, you can get your home mortgage financing from 10 to 40-years. So, your age is most important factor that could decide numbers of year that will suits in your case, because in your earlies you can get maximum time period for your mortgage which will be accepted, because lenders know well that after retirement your regular income will not same as compare to what you are getting today. Hence, your age in relation to regular income is important.
Step 4 - Choose Your Mortgage Type, Rates and Payment Schedule
A fixed mortgage loan program keeps the same interest throughout the term. An adjustable rate mortgage typically starts out with a lower interest rate but can change, that it could generally change up or down periodically with lower rates for shorter periods, depending on the structure of the mortgage. Another popular option is the balloon payment, where early monthly mortgage payments are often lower, but after a certain number of years, a large payment is required. People generally choose such option knowing, because they will move within five years.
Step 5 - Choose Your Down-Payment
Down-payment is the most important part of a debt and in most of the cases you can not get any kind of loan from lending institutes according to their by laws. Moreover, this participation into your credit should purely comes from your savings and not from any credit that carry loan or borrowing, such as a line of credit, personal loan or credit card. Anyhow, your mortgage application is also required to pay upfront cash as a down payment according to the mortgage loan size, amount, term, and location of the property. Paying more as a down payment results in more savings in your payments as well as there could be a possibility to waive or lower your mortgage loan insurance for the said home mortgage loan.
Tips For Low Interest Mortgage Rate and The Best Mortgage Deal in Canada
  • Mortgage brokers find you the best deal on mortgages, because they know better about the market and various lenders with their assorted options to shop around for a better rate.
  • Always manage your credtit transanction on time, and best way is to use your credit card properly, that way you build your credit score high, maximum is your credit score minimum you'll get in the interest rates.
Find out how mortgage amortization schedule effects your mortgage interest rate w
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