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UK Government
Best Links:
• Argentina: British Embassy in Buenos Aires
• Australia: British High Commission Australia
• Austria: British Embassy in Vienna
• Azerbaijan: British Embassy in Baku
• Bahrain: British Embassy in Manama
• Bangladesh: British High Commission in Dhaka
• Belgium: British Embassy in Brussels
• Brunei: British High Commission in Bandar Seri Begawan
• Bulgaria: British Embassy in Sofia
• Cameroon: British High Commission in Yaounde
• Canada: British High Commission and Consulates General
• Central Office of Information - Executive agency for publicity procurement,
   acting as an agent between central government and the private sector.
• Charity Commission For England & Wales, The - Government department responsible for
   registered charities in England and Wales.
• China: British Embassy in Beijing
• Companies House - Registration and provision of company information.
• Cτte d'Ivoire: British Embassy in Abidjan
• Countryside Commission UK - UK government agency responsible for countryside conservation and
• Countryside Council for Wales
• Cyprus: British High Commission in Nicosia
• Czech Republic: British Embassy in Prague
• Denmark: British Embassy in Copenhagen
• Department for Culture, Media and Sport
• Department for Education and Employment
• Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
• Department for International Development
• Department of Health
• Department of Social Security
• Department of Trade & Industry
• Department of Transport, Local Government, and the Regions (DETR)
• Ecuador: British Embassy in Quito
• Egypt: British Embassy in Cairo
• Estonia: British Embassy in Tallinn
• Export Credits Guarantee Department (ECGD)
• Finland: British Embassy in Helsinki
• Food Standards Agency
• France: British Embassy in Paris
• Germany: British Embassy Bonn
• Government Actuary's Department
• Greece: British Embassy in Athens
• Her Majesty's Customs & Excise
• Her Majesty's Stationery Office
• Hong Kong: British Consulate General in Hong Kong
• Hungary: British Embassy in Budapest
• India: British High Commission
• Indonesia: British Embassy in Jakarta
• Inland Revenue
• Ireland: British Embassy in Dublin
• Israel: British Embassy in Tel Aviv
• Italy: British Embassy in Rome
• Japan: British Embassy in Tokyo
• Joint Nature Conservation Committee - Advise the UK Government on national and
   international conservation, setting standards for wildlife and earth heritage habitats.
• Jordan: British Embassy in Amman
• Kenya: British High Commission in Nairobi
• Kuwait: British Embassy in Kuwait
• Latvia: British Embassy in Riga
• Lebanon: British Embassy in Beirut
• Libya: British Embassy in Tripoli
• Lithuania: British Embassy in Vilnius
• Malaysia: British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur
• Malta: British High Commission in Valletta
• Morocco: British Embassy in Rabat
• National Audit Office - Holds statutory authority to report to Parliament on the economy, efficiency
   and effectiveness with which Departments and other bodies have used their resources.
• National Statistics - Offers a comprehensive range of official UK statistics, and
   information about statistics.
• Nepal: British Embassy in Kathmandu
• Netherlands: British Embassy in The Hague
• New Zealand: British High Commission in Wellington
• Norway: British Embassy in Oslo
• Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority - Set up by Parliament as a key element of
   the Government's pension reforms. It was introduced by the Pensions Act 1995 to help and
   restore public confidence.
• Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) - Government department responsible for inspection of
   schools and Local Education Authorities in England.
• Office of Gas & Electricity Markets
• Office of the Rail Regulator (ORR) - Responsible for the regulation of the rail industry in Great Britain.
• Oman: British Embassy in Muscat
• Ordnance Survey - UK government agency, founded in 1791 and
   now providing comprehensive digital geospatial and topographic mapping data.
• Pacific Region: British High Commission in Fiji
• Pakistan: British High Commission in Islamabad
• Palestinian Authority: British Consulate-General in Jerusalem
• Philippines: Embassy of the United Kingdom in Makati
• Poland: British Embassy in Warsaw
• Portugal: British Embassy in Lisbon
• Private Finance Panel - Services include private finance initiative information, OJEC's service,
   links to HM Treasury and other government agencies.
• Public Trust Office
• Russia: British Consulate General in Ekaterinburg
• Russia: British Embassy in Moscow
• Seychelles: British High Commission in Victoria
• Shadow Strategic Rail Authority - Formerly OPRAF. Monitors Great Britain’s passenger train
   operating franchises in the interest of passengers.
• Singapore: British High Commission
• Slovakia: British Embassy in Bratislava
• Slovenia: British Embassy in Ljubljana
• South Africa: British High Commission and Consulates General
• South Korea: British Embassy in Seoul
• Sweden: British Embassy in Stockholm
• Taiwan: British Trade and Cultural Office in Taipei
• Thailand: British Embassy in Bangkok
• Tunisia: British Embassy in Tunis
• Turkey: British Embassy in Akara
• Turkmenistan: British Embassy in Ashgabat
• Ukraine: British Embassy in Kiev
• United Arab Emirates: British Embassies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai
• United States: British Information Service in New York
• USA: Embassy of Britain in Washington D.C
• Uzbekistan: British Embassy in Tashkent
• Venezuela: British Embassy in Caracas
• Vietnam: British Embassy in Hanoi
• Zimbabwe: British High Commission in Harare
UK Best Links » UK Government, Departments, Embassies, Foreign Offices, etc.,
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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