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Credit Card Table - Select or Compare!
How much does it cost to acquire a credit card? Which credit card company offers you the best? Are you getting real value for your money with your existing credit card company?
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Credit Card Rate

Credit Card Offer Among Various Credit Cards Available in Canada - Rates Update

This credit card ready reckoner is a great source to get up-to-date information about credit card market as a whole. You may select or compare about the credit card company, offers and rates online, suitable for the credit card user and as well as who want to get a credit card in Canada.
Institution Card Type Interest Rate % Annual Fee C$ Brand Name Grace Period
Amex Bank of Canada Gold Air Miles 16.99 $50.00 Amex 21 days
Air Miles 16.99 None 21 days
Platinum Card 14.99 None 21 days
Bank of Montreal Mosiak Low Rate 11.4 $25.00 Mastercard 19 days
Mosiak No Fee 18.5 None 19 days
Bank of Nova Scotia Money-Back 18.5 $8.00 Visa 26 days
No-fee Money Back 19.5 None 26 days
Gold Passport 18.5 $110.00 26 days
Value 11.4 $29.00 26 days
No-fee Value 13.9 None 26 days
Canadian Tire Bank Options, No Fee 18.9 None Mastercard 21 days
CIBC Classic 18.5 None Visa 24 days
Gold 18.5 $99.00 24 days
Aerogold 19.5 $120.00 24 days
Select Visa 11.5 $29.00 24 days
U.S. Visa 18.5 U.S. $35.00 24 days
Citibank Canada Driver's Edge 19.9 None Mastercard 21 days
Gold 18.5 None
Platinum 17.9 None 21 days
Home Trust Company Secured 19.5 $7.50* Visa 21 days
Laurentian Bank Black 19.49 None Visa 21 days
Reduced rate 10.5 $29.00 21 days
Gold 19.49 $90.00 21 days
MBNA Gold 17.99 None Mastercard 25 days
National Bank Regular 19.5 None Mastercard 21 days
Gold 19.5 $90.00 21 days
(Option 1) Low Rate 14.5 $15.00 21 days
Royal Bank Classic 18.5 None Visa 21 days
Classic 2 19.5 $35.00 21 days
Gold Preferred 19.5 $110.00 21 days
Gold Visa 18.5 None 17 days
Low Option 11.5 $20.00 21 days
U.S. Dollar 19.5 U.S. $65.00 21 days
TD Canada Trust TD Green 19.75 None Visa 21 days
TD Gold Select 19.75 None 17 days
GM Visa 19.75 None 21 days
TD Gold Travel 19.75 $120.00 21 days
TD Emerald 12.9 $25.00 21 days
TD Gold Elite 19.75 $99.00 21 days
TD U.S. Dollar 19.75 U.S. $25.00 25 days
The Bay 28.80 25 days
Sears 28.80 25 days
*Monthly Fee - Updated July, 2007
Credit card table is provided for informational purposes only, error and omission may occure. All the prices, rates and other terms which are subject to change without notice, and cannot be construed as offers. Please confirm information with respondent.
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